Rapidly Deploy Your Own Private Mobile Network

Providing leading enterprises and developers with the freedom to uncover endless possibilities through edge connectivity.

Edge infrastructures will power the next connectivity economy

The architecture of the internet is changing as devices and applications produce more data and require more compute power. Businesses are looking to improve operations and performance, seeking to securely run applications closer to users with higher availability and more resiliency.

Private mobile networks, powered by the edge, are essential to digital transformation.

Provision your own private network through Edge Points

Edge Points provide the required software, including the EPC and eSIMs, to properly enable and provision a private network.

Why Edge Points?

Cost Savings

Avoid the expensive on-premises EPC deployment path and save money in network setup and ongoing maintenance

More Security & Control

Gain more granular control of your network access and reduce the potential for risk or exposure

Improved Performance

Benefit from ultra low latency and higher definition delivery of content

Trusted Partner Ecosystem

Tap into vetted partners to ensure you have all the required components to launch your network

Continue your transformation with Alef’s
Private Edge Platform

Our comprehensive edge connectivity platform helps you launch your private network and then expand your use of the edge to benefit your business. In addition to the foundation connectivity offered by Edge Points, the Private Edge Platform also provides:

Purpose-Built APIs

Whether protecting your own private network, reducing multimedia latency, or creating monetization opportunities, Alef’s APIs are designed to deliver business impact with speed, ease, and efficiency. Take advantage of our forthcoming APIs to host at the edge: compute, video, and security.

Community for Developers

Alef’s open ecosystem and sandbox environment allows for limitless creation of innovative apps and services and fosters a community for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

“Our analysis has established that Alef’s Intellectual property represent early inventions for the concept of control and user plane separation in a mobile network architecture and are vital to the 3GPP 5G standard. Based on our independent and in depth analysis, Ganesh and Alef appear to be the legitimate creators of the mobile edge.”

Jan Lezny

CEO and Founder of IP Inc &
Former head of Qualcomm IP Strategy Group

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