Deploy Your Own Private Mobile Network in 60 min

Providing leading enterprises and developers with the freedom to uncover endless possibilities through edge connectivity.

3G, 4G, 5G: it’s all stuck. Free the enterprise with ANY-G you want. 

Alef Edge API Platform abstracts mobile network complexity by eliminating CAPEX investment and enabling enterprises to deploy private mobile networks that future proof for next generation applications. Private mobile networks, powered by the edge, are essential to digital transformation.

Private mobile networks, powered by the edge, are essential to digital transformation.

Provision your own private network through our Edge API platform

Our platform provides enterprise software as a service with the flexibility to create, customize, and control your own mobile network infrastructure and build applications at the edge through a suite of open, programmable APIs. 

Take control of enterprise mobility within your organization



< 60 Min to deploy with Zero-Touch Provisioning

Near Prem

Within 10 ms of all US Enterprises


5-10X less expensive


Throughput capacity per location unit: (<-6.4 Tbps)

What is Mobile Network as a Service (MNaaS) ?

MNaaS represents a huge lead forward for enterprises looking to take control of their infrastructure, IT, and mobility while leveraging the benefits of edge computing. By enabling the creation and deployment of MNaaS with a few simple API calls, instead of rooms of equipment and months of time, an enterprise can quickly onboard mobile devices and IoT sensors inside the enterprise perimeter. Take control of enterprise IT and operational technology mobility and leverage the benefits of edge compute.

Why a Private Mobile Network?

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Cost Savings

Avoid expensive on-premise deployment and save money in network setup and ongoing maintenance with consumption-based pricing and no transport to cloud

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Security and Control

Gain more granular control and reduce the potential for risk or exposure by using our extensive policy engine.

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Improve Performance

Benefit from ultra low latency and higher definition delivery of content with less manpower and cost, inside your firewall

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Trusted Partner Ecosystem

Tap into vetted partners to ensure you have all the required components to launch your network

Any-G, the Ultimate in Investment 

The software that comprises Alef’s Edge API Platform is completely abstracted from hardware. This enables seamless transition to 5G–or the simultaneous support of 4G and 5G together. As future physical layers come on the scene, rest assured that your edge infrastructure is prepared for transition and co-existence.

Faster Deployment

Enterprises understand the need and power of private 5G, but are encumbered by the slow activation and execution of legacy wireless carriers — some taking 12-18 months to complete on-prem installations. Near-prem MNaaS deployments remove the bulk of this infrastructure and make itas easy as calling a few APIs.

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Reduce Complexity

As devices and applications produce more data, they require more near-field compute power. To improve operations and performance, enterprises need to securely run components of applications closer to devices and users with higher availability and more resiliency.

No more Wi-Fi interference

Wi-Fi solutions don’t solve for dead zones or interference since they implement public spectrum, and upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 is expensive and doesn’t solve the core problem. Wi-Fi isn’t future proof.

Benefits of Near-Prem Private Mobile Network Deployment

Moving the network to a "near-edge" position with a neutral host allows enterprises to deploy mobile networks as a service inside the existing enterprise infrastructure.
Learn more in our Near-Prem vs On-Prem fact sheet

“Our analysis has established that Alef’s Intellectual property represent early inventions for the concept of control and user plane separation in a mobile network architecture and are vital to the 3GPP 5G standard. Based on our independent and in depth analysis, Ganesh and Alef appear to be the legitimate creators of the mobile edge.”

Jan Lezny

CEO and Founder of IP Inc &
Former head of Qualcomm IP Strategy Group

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