Accelerating Edge Deployments with Trusted Partners

Make sense of the growing edge economy through Alef Velocity Partners.

Velocity Partners are committed to moving the industry forward

The program unites channel partners, global systems integrators, and technology companies and provides the proper resources, tools, solutions, and services to radically improve the way edge technology can drive business outcomes.

Join our growing roster of Velocity Partners fostering innovation across edge computing.

Channel Partners

Create a seamless pathway to drive growth and new market strategy and capture revenue from customers through our reseller program.

Technology Companies

Integrate your technology with the edge to quickly, easily, and securely scale your solutions.

Global Systems Integrators

Extend your capability offerings and deliver new edge solutions to your enterprise customers without any heavy lifting.

“As organizations strive to meet the needs of their customers with latency-intensive network applications, Alef’s Private Edge Platform combined with Tech Mahindra’s solutions and services will help co-create high performance and secure 5G industrial applications. As a Velocity Partner for enterprises, we will help unlock new opportunities and drive innovation by powering up 5G private networks with edge internet that empowers enterprises to further accelerate digital transformation on edge.”

Manish Mangal

Global Head of 5G & Network Services Business
Tech Mahindra

“Our partnership with Alef allows our companies to achieve their digital transformation strategies as they leverage 5G and private wireless technologies in order to grow their business.”

Pablo Mlikota

President of Sales, Americas, Enterprise

“Enterprises seeking the benefits of the Edge cloud only want to worry about how their application and services are interconnected, not the network implementation details. By handling implementation and automatic configuration, our software and our approach strongly align with Alef’s SD-ME platform, adding more depth to its open and programmable architecture.”

Alex Saroyan


​​“EdgePresence is excited to partner with Alef to support businesses, developers and networks as they work together towards the next wave of digital transformation.”

Doug Recker

Founder and President

Benefits of working with us

Market Analysis

Market trends provide insight into verticals opportunities and up-to-date competitive matrix compares our products to the competition

Sales Tools

Turnkey, easy process with sales materials, email and ad templates, training, reports, case studies, competitive market info, and branding and logo usage

Pre-Qualified Leads

Detailed leads from events, ad campaigns, SEO, press and more

Jump Start Sales

For every registered deal within first 90 days you can earn more – covers opportunity cost

Competitive Margins

Quick payout for you with our unique recurring revenue model

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