Dr. Ganesh Sundaram

Founder and CEO, Alef Innovations

Dr. Ganesh Sundaram is a leader in wireless technology with over 20 years of rich experience in technology creation, having worked extensively on opportunities globally. As a founder of Alef, he has made several foundational contributions and was recognized in 2019, at the Edge Computing Congress, with the award for the “Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development.” Prior to founding Alef, Ganesh was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and led multiple secure wireless solutions initiatives at Bell Labs in New Jersey. He has developed several foundational technologies, leading to new standards, products, and deployments and has authored over 50 patents relating to mobile data networking, architecture, security, cryptography, resource and mobility management. Ganesh was named a Bell Labs Fellow in 2012, inducted into the Alcatel-Lucent technical academy in 2009, and is a recipient of two Bell Labs president’s awards. He has a PhD in Mathematics from Purdue University and Master of Science degrees in Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.