Mobility as a Service
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Alef’s Edge API Platform solves the most pressing enterprise business challenges with carrier-class security and control to prepare for next generation edge applications.

Enterprise mobility is foundational to edge compute

The expansion of mobile devices and IoT sensors makes near-field compute essential in today’s enterprise infrastructure. Certain application workloads that require fast and reliable low-latency responses can be implemented in minutes with Alef’s Edge API Platform, quickly and simply.


Private LTE provides inexpensive facility-wide communications that improves coverage and guarantees response times.

  • Implement carrier-class managed and licensed spectrum wireless for any-G
  • Expand coverage to reach those hard-to-reach places in your facilities
  • Ensure that workers, forklifts, and robots have uninterrupted network access
  • Ensure that workers, forklifts, and robots have uninterrupted network access
  • Provide real-time access and low latency application responses

Higher Education

Extend access to critical network connectivity in those hard-to-reach locations on your campus, while further ensuring the safety of students and security personnel.

  • Implement security cameras and measures campus wide with carrier-class wireless technologies
  • Ensure persistent wireless coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Leverage mobile devices as security extensions to existing systems
  • Enable new localized and experimental applications faster and more cost effectively


Deliver private, secure communications to improve critical care experiences and ensure regulatory compliance while integrating with existing governance.

  • Overcome Wi-Fi reliability and capacity issues with managed and licensed spectrum
  • Provide strict authentication and authorization methods for diverse types of connected devices
  • Improve security standards to protect connected medical devices
  • Enable visual workloads on-demand at the network edge for education and observation purposes
Woman holding a smartphone doing a telehealth visit with a doctor


Implement the factory of the future with licensed and managed spectrum along with enhanced security mechanisms that fit into existing infrastructure.

  • Provide reliable carrier-class wireless with managed and licensed spectrum
  • Ensure prioritization of critical machine-to-machine communications
  • Secure shop floor while integrating with existing security and governance behind your firewall
  • Ensure order on shop floor relative to robots and forklifts


Ensure private, secure internet and data transfer to improve complex experiences and ensure compliance.

  • Enable the strictest authentication and authorization methods for regulatory compliance
  • Implement end-to-end encryption of all transactions and data
  • Integrate with existing enterprise security schemes
  • Support logical separation and special treatment of sensitive transactions
  • Enable access to local workloads for low-latency requirements

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