Empower Your Enterprise at the Edge

The Alef Private Edge Platform offers solutions to solve some of the most pressing enterprise business challenges.

Creating opportunity across the edge economy

From reducing latency and increasing throughput to creating more equitable access and more secure data and devices architectures, Alef is leading the way.


Offer private network connectivity to reach underserved students without broadband.

  • Realize cost savings over traditional service providers
  • Create security and stability for students
  • Increase remote learning access
  • Improve performance for latency-sensitive applications

Real Estate

Provide inexpensive in-unit communications set-up to increase broadband adoption.

  • Leverage existing hardware to upgrade your network
  • Decrease costs through shared multi-tenant architecture
  • Enhance the value of real estate assets with reliable coverage
  • Create more security through a smaller, more controlled local network


Deliver private, secure internet and data transfer to improve critical care experiences.

  • Solve for signal congestion by moving from Wi-Fi to cellular
  • Address Wi-Fi reliability and capacity issues
  • Manage the diversity of connected devices
  • Improve security standards to protect connected medical devices


Ensure network security and implementation speed with a simple and secure provisioning system.

  • Benefit from prioritized access to the CBRS spectrum
  • Realize low latency, high performance connectivity
  • Retain more control through APIs to future-proof your system
  • Access a private internet for sensitive, mission-critical applications

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