The Edge Your Enterprise Deserves

Get the tools you need to connect your own private mobile network with flexible, programmable APIs that unlock the potential of 5G. Enterprises and developers can host, orchestrate, and customize time sensitive apps at the edge – reducing CAPEX and giving control back to you to build an edge ecosystem specific to your company - on your terms.

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How We Are Different

We remove network complexities. Developers can build enterprise grade 5G edge mobile applications to accelerate the adoption of this cutting edge technology. The current industry solutions are siloed and offer no flexibility of vendor stack nor address the need for mobility.

ALEF is near-prem with no CAPEX needed to launch a private network

Plug and play with any vendor you choose - changing the game of connectivity and edge app development. 

ALEF is Agnostic - you can bring Any-RADIO, Any-Spectrum, Any-EPC, Any-Cloud

Mobile operators, DAS, on-prem EPC providers all involve complicated on-prem infrastructure - expensive to acquire and maintain. 

ALEF deploys in 60 min through programmable APIs – seamless, secure, and easy to integrate

On-prem loses time & money with management of space, power, racks, a/c, maintenance, operations, server sw and hw. Logistics are a problem.

ALEF solves for mobility and issues across any vertical or use case

Wi-Fi solutions don’t solve for new enterprise use cases and don’t solve for dead zones or interference.

The building blocks to connectivity through a developer first approach

Our flexible, secure and scalable APIs allows you to launch a private mobile network without any knowledge of 3GPP standards or complex installment.

  • Reliable mobility to enable real-time business apps
  • 4G/5G/ANY-G innovation - intelligent orchestration of core network functions to the edge
  • APIs remove the barrier to entry for developers who currently have to write code to communicate with each system in a tech stack
  • Software as a Service approach and self serve delivery platform simplifies your network while still providing enterprise grade security

Enterprise Grade Software as a Service Products

Our Edge API Platform allows you to easily create, customize, and control your mobile and Industry 4.0 applications at the edge, completely abstracted from hardware making it universal across any vertical. 

Icon of person working on laptop.


Build your own private mobile connectivity

Icon of a laptop below a cloud with connector lines and a gear.


Mediate Cloud Providers at the edge and data traffic across multi-cloud providers for control & cost savings

Icon of a smartphone with a wi-fi symbol on screen with nodes and connectors surrounding it


Egress and ingress controller to orchestrate business flows and leverage data from AI/ML mobile apps

The Edge Opportunity


How much the edge economy will be worth in trillions by 2030*

1 in 5

Business leaders seeking delivery partners for IoT / edge services**


Minutes needed to connect you to the edge via Alef

*Edge Internet Economy: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Ecosystem Opportunity, Chetan Sharma Consulting
**Channel Futures and Informa Engage Survey, Aug 2021

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